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Reindeer Races 2019 -- 20x60 sec  
Movie stars, politicians, athletes, royalty and Santa himself.  There's all sorts of tomfoolery during the 60 seconds that the reindeer and their celebrity riders race for the finish line!  Meanwhile, one lucky caller has tried to guess the winner.   
Will be available for airing late November.            

The Wonders of Christmas
Parts I and II  -- 18x60 sec (each part) 
Have you ever wondered why Santa comes down the chimney instead of in through the door like everybody else?  Why we call a pie without meat, "Mincemeat"?  This warm and fuzzy feature answers all those questions!   

The Music of Christmas -- 14 various length 
This feature tells the origins of our most cherished carols.  Due to international copyright laws, each station must attach its own version of the carol.  

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BRILLIANT SUGGESTION:  have your local schools record their students singing these carols and attach them to the feature!  It will give a very local feel to a professional sounding feature.

Wonders Demo
Wonders Demo
Music Demo
Music Demo
Race Demo 2017
Race Demo 2017




Race Promo
Race Promo